GBS Surveillance is a leader in IP network-based surveillance

Protect your business and home against theft

What do you gain by using IP based surveillance?

Some of the benefits!

It is purely digital
, so you get:
- top quality recordings
- fast search and retrieval of recordings
- easy maintenance
- freedom from changing tapes

It has intelligent features
- video motion detection
- speedup on activity 
- detailed image analysis
- intelligent PTZ control
- active operator alerts

It's an open platform, so you can:
- integrate with other security equipment (gates, door alarms, access control)

It's network based
, so you can:
- run multiple cameras via the same cable
- use CAT 5, fiber, wireless or existing cables
- cover larger areas more efficiently
- connect via the Internet for remote access
- easily scale capacity and performance
– Power Over Ethernet (POE) Cameras can be powered by the network connector, removing the need for installing power points at the camera installation location.

It's Scalable,
– IP utilizes the same network as other business systems, cameras can be added to the network by plugging into the existing network.

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